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Frankie Sakai and the City Slickers (フランキー堺とシティ・スリッカーズ, Furankī Sakai to shiti surikkāzu) Is a jazz comic band group formed by Frankie Sakai in 1953 and disbanded around 1959. It started out as a group of copies of Spike Jones & The City Slickers, which was called the king of joke music, and its musicality was picked up by Hajime Hana and Crazy Cats. Members like Naohiro Iwai, even said: “In short, the City Slickers were like the prototype of the last 'Hajime Hana and Crazy Cats'. Frankie Sakai later became an exclusive actor in Nikkatsu and left the group. After that, they would continued to perform for about three years without Frankie Sakai. Hajime Hana criticized, "Frankie (Sakai) started to think to himself when he went to Nikkatsu and started making films, leaving the group alone."


  • Frankie Sakai (drums)
  • Senri Sakurai (piano)
  • Kei Tani (trombone)
  • Yasumasa Suzuki (guitar)
  • Hitoshi Ueki (vocal, guitar) - Participated as Suzuki replacement. In charge of the voice of a cow in Meiko Nakamura's "Country Bus" (composed by Toriro Miki)
  • Akira Fukuhara (trumpet)
  • Jiro Inagaki (saxophone) - Joined for about a year from 1954 to 1955, then joined "Hajime Hana and the Cuban Cats"
  • Naohiro Iwai (trumpet, composer, & music director)
  • Moreover, Hajime Hana also came in and out as a bandboy.